Website Maintenance Plan (WMP)

Why Would I Need a WMP?

If you do not have someone dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of your company’s website, SEO or social media, you could be losing valuable business. People use websites and social media to evaluate if a company is reputable, professional and worth investing in. Keep this in mind when you consider using East Tennessee Graphics’ Website Maintenance Plan services to help you maintain your website in a professional manner. East Tennessee Graphics' Website Maintenance Plan Analysis is a good start for implementing changes to your website by your company Webmaster.   The knowledge gained through analytics will provide a solid benchmark for all future online marketing campaigns.

How much does a WMP cost?

East Tennessee Graphics will recommend a specific number of hours per month that will be most effective in accomplishing your goals for your website. The recommended hours will be line itemized to show you where the time will be used; this list is highly customizable. The end result is a monthly plan that is specifically designed to meet your budget. We will work with you no matter what your budget is.

How long is the WMP contract term?

The initial Website Maintenance Plan contract term is six months, which is the minimum time needed to establish a solid foundation and be truly effective in our work on your site. After the initial term, you can decide how long any subsequent terms should be. You may just want to hire us as your virtual Webmaster during your busy season or when an employee is on an extended leave. Or, you may want us long term. The WMP is extremely flexible and designed to meet the needs that you have.

Interested in website support, but not a contract?

You might have a project, new pages or options that need to be added to your site.  While you are comfortable with day to day changes -- this project might be a bit out your comfort zone or you really don't have the time needed to complete your project.  You can buy a block of programming time.  We analyze your project and offer a estimate of hours to purchase.

We’d love to talk with you about your company, your website and your goals. If you have questions for us or know that your website needs a more active online presence.

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