Is your website responsive?

For the first time ever, Americans are now browsing the internet with mobile devices more than desktop computers. This means if your website does not display nicely, many of your visitors will not see your business in its best light.

Pull up your website on a mobile phone or a tablet and ask yourself:

  • Does my website layout adjust to the size of the device so it looks good on a Kindle as well as an iPhone?
  • Is the text large enough to be easily read?
  • Do any pop-up images work correctly, and can I close them correctly and easily?
  • Does my site download quickly?

The preferred solution to the many different sizes of screen for mobile is called “responsive design”:  Your site will shift and adapt to fit the screen it is displayed on. Google recommends using responsive web design (as opposed to a separate mobile site) because it makes it easier for your users to interact with, share and link to your content.

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